About Us

Our Unique Proposition:

Hand crafted designer jewels.

Every crystal stone is hand set by craftsmen


All jewelries are water and alcohol resistant


Sterling silver ear posts and finger rings


Original designs and production techniques


Finest quality stones from Tirol, Venice and Bohemia


Light weight ear jewels


Magnetic creoles and finger rings with hinged shanks


“One size fits all” even on fingers with rheumatic or arthritic problems by fitting the ring at the back of the finger


No pack or shipping costs


Custom made orders





New art forms and expressions
In crystal use an innovative technique of incrustation akin to that in fine jewelry-making, where each element is inlaid rather than glued.
More than 500 elements make up the palette of ingredients at the disposal of his artists, including the finest quality faceted and polished crystal stones from renowned suppliers in Bohemia, Venice, Ravenna, Tyrol and the Black Forest.

Our atelier produces :

  •   surprising, lightweight jewels in stunning color combinations
  •   figurines for collectors of art objects
  •   mirrors, decorative panels in crystal, made to specification

The unique handcrafting process used at SomogyiParis® is so distinctive that the work cannot be compared to any other in the world of crystal. With each stone—hand-encrusted to ensure the highest quality—the results are truly remarkable as well as stunning.

Immortalize your pets. Send a photo, and we will create the sculpture in your choice of colours. Tell us what you collect, and we shall make an unequaled piece to add to your collection. All items are accompanied by a Certificate of Origin.

Models available as clips, on silver posts/butterflies, or on sleepers. Posts and sleepers can be in 9 carat gold.
Quotation on request.

We create models to size.All shanks are silver or heavy gold plate.

Designed and handcrafted in Paris. Each piece is unique. Each model available in other colours on request.

Include packaging and postage to any destination.




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