56 Years of creativity



Somogyi creates one of a kind jewelleries and collectable objects at his atelier since 2002.

His patented technique has put him in a category of his own. An uncommon production process, make Somogyi one of the finest crystal artists worldwide.

“My dedication to quality and technique will continue to remain paramount.”

SoimogyiParis® uses all European crystal sources of every gem-stone shape as well as cabochon and uncut crystals. Gold, silver, bronze and copper mosaics are mixed in a never-before-seen combination.

Every component including diamond-cut stones of under 1mm diameter is individually hand-encrusted and recessed.

The hand-crafting of each piece without models or moulds means that each object and bijou is unique.


Each piece unique handcrafted with love and the experience of a craftsman whose 50 years in this business is as rare as the objects and jewelleries on display.

The SomogyiParis® atelier combines the creative talents of the owner, Stephen P. Somogyi with those of his team of artists, who faithfully reproduce his designs, always in limited editions of one piece per model and colour.

Bespoke work is a speciality.

Pieces are water-proof, anti-allergic, light weight and conceived for today’s lifestyle – an extraordinary elegance combined with simplicity of style, in the finest quality materials, for all facets of life.

New designs, colours and forms flow from the atelier regularly.